Steps To Selling Your House

Looking to sell your home in Central Florida? Whether this is your first time selling your house, third time selling your home, or you are in a time crunch to sell your home, we are here for you. We specialize in, and thoroughly enjoy, selling properties and would love to help you! Follow these steps so that you can be well prepared throughout the home selling process.

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The magic question, when is the right time to sell my house? Everyone has their own unique schedule and reasons to sell, so each answer is different.

    • How quickly do you need to sell?
    • What kind of market are you in?
    • Are you moving into a new home?
    • Have you found a new home?
    • What is your expectation and goals for finances?

Many of these questions need to be asked and answered so that we can prepare a plan and have a set process in place to meet your needs. Taking a deep dive into dynamic market analysis and research allows us to give you all of the necessary information to make informed decisions on pricing and timelines. Details are important when it comes to placing your property on the market, this is why we leave no stone unturned and even look into tax information for our sellers to make sure they get the most money out of the transaction.

Finding the Realtor that is right for you:

Have you ever been interviewed or interviewed someone? Interviewing Realtors is the mentality you should have when searching for a Realtor to work with you during the selling process.  You need to make sure you pick a Realtor that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.  Search for agents online and perform some research on them, make sure they have a presence online, this means they probably have a strong online marketing presence as well. Depending on what market or neighborhood you are in there are Realtors that specialize in different areas or “niches”. Some Realtors are excellent at selling Short Sale homes, some are better with specific neighborhoods, and some are more specialized in farmland or waterfront properties. Interviewing agents to find the best fit for your specific house can make the difference between selling your home at the highest price in the shortest amount of time, or the complete opposite.  

Pricing and Pre-Listing Inspection

Once an agent is selected the time will come to calculate and agree to a competitive price for your home. With a background in analytics and market research we are able to use various programs to both look at how the local and national market is performing and accompany those numbers and trends with a CMA (comparative market analysis) to find the most competitive market sales price for your house. Creating an easy to read model while focusing on hyper-local markets is key when pricing your home correctly. The “in-depth” service we provide includes firsthand knowledge and researching future plans for the area in close proximity to your home that could raise value, such as desirable amenities.

Another item that can be used in pricing your house is having a pre-listing inspection performed. This pre-listing inspection allows for sellers and their agent to identify any potential problems that need to be fixed before you list the house or to consider lowering the price if there are big ticket items that come back as needing replacement soon such as the roof.

Creating the “Wow” Factor:

This step involves participation from both the sellers and the Realtor. It is time to prepare your house for viewings, advertisement, and potential buyers when they drive by. Some areas to focus on include the following:

Curb appeal – This is your first impression to make on potential buyers as they drive by or walk up to the house, so this area should be a huge focus. Keeping the yard tidy, trimming trees, and having a clean cut lawn will give buyers a great welcoming first impression of your house. We will assist in giving ideas of how to make your curb appeal pop, but with a clean and affordable design.

The Walk Through – We will walk through your property with you to find any areas of the home that could be a deterrent to buyers and buyers agents. This could be chipping paint, leaking faucets, or other simple fix items; some of these items would be found in the pre-listing inspection.

Cleaning and Staging – Creating an environment where buyers can envision living in your house is the entire purpose of a house viewing. Having a clean, open, and inviting house helps achieve this “welcome home” feeling and can bring value to the property. Light colors and ample amount of lighting make a world of difference in selling a house. We provide checklists to our customers to ensure all appropriate steps are made to complete this task. We also consult with our buyers to find the best solution for staging your home either by DIY or paying a professional.

Time To Shine – Now it is time to market your home and get the buyers flooding in the door. Find out how we dominate in marketing here: Marketing Authority

Showing time:

Now that the inside and outside of the house is all prepped, it’s time to bring the potential buyers in and show off all of your hard work!

Keep the house clean through the timeframe of showings. Make it a habit to clean up every day or to not have big gatherings during this time frame. This means no wine parties, big sleepovers with the kids or football parties…keep it simple. Also, try to keep the furry children at a friend or family members house during these times…pets are not part of the purchase price.

Be flexible with showing times. Remember that many of the potential buyers will be looking in the evening times or on the weekends…so keep this in mind when making plans.

This is the time when we ask a favor from our sellers…please do not be present during the showings. Allow us to do the face-to-face work, that’s our job. When showing your house or holding an open house, it is best if the owners of the property are not present. This allows for the buyers to feel more at ease and ask questions that they might not feel comfortable asking if the sellers were present.

Offer and Closing:

The offers are in…now time to really read the fine print on each offer. Areas on the contract to keep an eye on include:

  • Purchase Price
  • Date for closing or escrow
  • Special requests for items in the home such as lighting fixtures, blinds, or appliances
  • Changes in closing costs
  • Contingency deadlines including home inspection, buyer financing, and home appraisal
  • Other contingencies including the sale of the buyer’s current home and title search
  • Pre-approval letter from a lender on the buyer’s side

Your Realtor will go through each offer with you to talk over important points like the ones stated above.

Time to close the deal! Some thought to keep in mind and items to bring to the closing include:

  • Communicate with your agent and the buyers alike.
  • Remember, signatures on legal documents means the deal is done, not word of mouth or text messages.
  • Keep to what you say, if you stated you were going to fix something or provide something to the agent or buyer, don’t give them any reason to start a confrontation.
  • Remember to bring appropriate documents and items such as your ID and keys to your house

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