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Selecting the right agent to sell your home is vital when you want to get the most out of your property. We’ve all seen houses and properties that remain on the market for months to years with no good leads or “sold” signs. We stand apart from the crowd through our background in marketing, research, and technology driven resources to maximize our selling power. Persistence, commitment and hard work lead to objectives being completed in time sensitive situations. We offer free pricing services along with market explanations so that our clients are aware of how their property compares to the market.  Our specialized services in selling homes and properties include the following:

Diverse online exposure

Professional photography

Staging assistance/advice

Customized property websites

Open houses with hyper-local print advertisement

Diverse Online Exposure-

 In the digital world, the search for a home is accessible to buyers anywhere, even on mobile devices. Buyers now have applications that allow them to define their search to specific areas of a city, or even a neighborhood. With virtual tours and photos, viewers are able to decide if they like a particular home in just seconds of viewing. When showcasing our clients’ property, the message to the viewers and buyers is clean, captive, and welcoming. Our focus on high-end online exposure is where we shine most in our market. When we list your property, we post detailed listings on all of the top real estate websites and social media platforms and emphasize key wording for specific markets.

The most common form of listing is through My Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS). As the 5th largest MLS in the United States, our MLS contains more than 43,000 members with 19 unique Realtor Boards in 14 counties. This local exposure is the primary resource for fellow real estate agents to share property with their buyers. Taking advantage of this exposure, our listings on the MLS stand apart from the others with attractive photography, keyword descriptions and effective staging.



realestatesitesTop Real Estate Websites: Zillow, Trulia,,,,


Social Media Coverage (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat)

Video Marketing- We enjoy taking the online exposure to a completely different level with our video marketing tactic. This actual moving professional and captivating video (not moving pictures) allows online buyers to tour your home in one sweep of a video and be in awe of how beautiful their future home is. For larger properties or waterfront properties we are able to incorporate drone shots to capture the depth and size of the property. Prepare to be amazed!

Customized Property Websites-

Yes, your property will have its own website page! Through our customized marketing, each listing receives its own web page (URL) with video tours, full property report, area description, local schools, and key local attractions. This interactive and personalized website exhibits a user-friendly platform for buyers to view the property. Buyers from anywhere are able to view this personalized page and get a great feel of not only the house, but also the area and community. This all-in-one page keeps the buyers attention on your house, and not searching the internet on the area, schools, or other properties. Each house is unique, and so should the marketing.

Professional Photography-

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so make each one count!

Professional pictures speak for themselves and create an enticing story. A quality image creates a lasting impression and is one of the most effective ways of conveying value and desirability. As one of the most diverse states in America, we are home to people of many different languages and cultures; transcending boundaries via photograph can be far more effective than words. The National Association of Realtors found that “Among buyers who used the Internet during their home search, 87 percent of buyers found photos and 84 percent found detailed information about properties for sale very useful.”

Professional Photographers-

There is a vast difference when comparing professional pictures to snapshots taken on a handy smartphone camera. Selling your home is worth more than a quick snapshot photo gallery.  Property photographers with professional-grade digital equipment and lighting can capture wide angle interior views along with quality exteriors and beautiful landscapes that are bright, colorful, and desirable. These often overlooked details could make the difference that sells your home in a shorter amount of time and at a higher price.


A quality camera in the hands of a skilled photographer can do many things, but it can’t clean carpets, mow the yard, wipe the sinks or declutter rooms! Creating a welcoming environment so that buyers can envision themselves living in your house is one of the most important steps. We offer our clients guidance and checklists on how to stage their house. Spoiler alert: the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom are most important to most home buyers. With professional photography and systematic staging, our listings stand out from the rest. The National Association of Realtors found that over 81% of buyers find it “easier to visualize the property as their future home” when it has been staged.

Open House-

Holding an open house takes effort from both the seller and the real estate agent so that the house is in the most presentable condition inside and out. We have a step-by-step plan for before and during the open house to make the process as smooth as possible. Attention to detail is crucial when holding an open house. Good directions and signage, along with creating a warm and welcoming feeling from the front door makes a world of difference when showcasing a home.

Hyper-local print advertising – Getting the word out to your neighbors and surrounding areas is key! We mail out high quality professional postcards that show beautiful photos of the property along with stating facts about the home and include the properties own website URL for all to view. This allows word-of-mouth to explode in the neighborhoods if anyone was looking to buy a home for relatives, move to a different neighborhood, or for investment purposes.

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