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About Joshua Gorsuch

Hey, I’m Joshua Gorsuch! First thing you should know is…awesome people like YOU are the reason I am here!

Professional Life: I’ve got a strong background in data analysis and market research along with multi-city knowledge which allows me to keep a pulse on key areas. One of my strong suites includes powerful online marketing and web presence…this allows for buyers and sellers from around the World to view properties and communities at a click of a button.

Personal Life: When I am not busy helping my customers I enjoy traveling and exploring local Florida cities, creating fun memories with my family and friends, exploring other countries, fishing in our beautiful lakes, and reading some inspirational books. Performing some DIY projects on my house consumes most of my free time but this allows me to provide first hand knowledge on helping buyers or sellers with their properties and some DIY items they may have.

My ideal customer: I work with people who crave top-notch customer service. I help customers get exactly what they want, which is to buy or sell a home at the best price, in the shortest amount of time, with little to no hassle.

Why do I sell real estate? I want to give individuals and families an authentic, personable, and professional service that best serves their needs. I want to research and find solutions to problems or questions that my clients may have…and I enjoy going that extra mile. I thrive on bringing my clients value, this is why I do not just open doors or shove paperwork, I hustle and fight to get my clients everything they deserve.

How do I provide the BEST real estate services? I get to know the individuals, their personalities, lifestyles, likes and dislikes…so that I create the knowledge base of my clients true needs. This is a people business and people come first, not commission checks. If my customers are not happy, neither am I and would never feel right to receive any money if they are not completely satisfied.

Feel free to contact me anytime, I’d love to chat and assist you with any real estate needs you have!

“Building relationships, friendships, and connecting newcomers to Central Florida isn’t a profession, it’s a lifestyle.”

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“My goal is to give you an unmatched service by exemplifying honesty, integrity, professionalism, and personalized treatment from our first conversation to well beyond buying or selling your home. I not only want to show people the beauty of Central Florida, but assist them in taking part in LIVING IT!”

Having lived in Florida since the age of three, Josh has entrenched himself in the Florida lifestyle and community at a young age. Giving back to the community started in high school where he volunteered with the local fire department for over four years and obtained his Emergency Medical Technician certificate at 18. Josh moved to Orlando in 2010 to attend the University of Central Florida where he graduated with a bachelors in Health Services Administration. Since college, he has served the Central Florida community in some of the most demanding fields of work. While working at the top-ranked hospital in the state of Florida, he has balanced the demands of various multi-faceted positions simultaneously while always ensuring the customers’ needs were met first. Whether working in the emergency room, emergency medical services, research institutes, or ambulance and helicopter dispatch, Josh is seen as an individual that thoroughly enjoys helping people in his community. After several years of “hands-on” clinical experience Josh translated his skills to partner with the hospital’s Planning and Research team. Here, he was able to study numerous statewide markets and trends, all which give him a strong background in using hard data to make logical market-driven decisions. In keeping with the same community service-oriented theme, Josh has found his calling in helping individuals and families buy or sell their homes. His deep knowledge of the Central Florida area along with his analytical skillsets allow him to offer his customers a unique perspective.


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