Local Realtors Save Lives of Central Florida First Time Home Buyers

YES Central Florida residents…local Realtors save the emotional lives of first time homebuyers. Dramatic, I know, but let me shed some light on why you need a Realtor when buying a house.

There are literally hundreds of steps and considerations involved in a real estate transaction including paperwork, timelines, appraisals, home inspections, and constant communication with other parties. Do you have that much time?

The search for a home is the fun part of the business. Finding a couple of homes that fit your criteria is much easier now with many tools available today but Realtors have a system that allows for very specific filtering capabilities that most search engines do not allow. This extra filtering is most effective at excluding homes that are out of your desired type and financing requirements.

Truth be told finding a house that you like is not the biggest or most difficult part of the job anymore. Items and processes included in the transaction such as financing limits, community/neighborhood research, state and county rules, HOA rules and fees, school zone research, and data analysis of the hyper-local housing market are where Realtors shine. These steps taken by the Realtor allow for you, the buyer, to have all of the necessary information to make the most informed decision on placing an offer on a desired house.


Worried about paying the Realtor?  You’ll be happy to know that most buyers do not pay a dime for the agents work; the commission is usually paid by the seller.


Realtors are on your side, so this means that they will fight to get you the best price on the house through negotiations and data to back up a fair offer.

Note: Make sure you speak with your Realtor on a brokerage contract that will be best for you so that you are represented properly.


FACT! In 2015 the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 88 percent of home buyers used a real estate agent when buying their home. This staggering statistic illustrates that most home buyers, even in Central Florida, already trust real estate agents and Realtors to help them find their home.

For residents in Central Florida including Orlando, Clermont, Winter Park, Lakeland, Winter Haven and everywhere in-between, here are some ways in which a Realtor can dramatically help you in purchasing a home:

  • Personalized email updates on desired home types
  • NEGOTIATIONS! This one is huge as you do not want to pay more than what the house is worth in the current market
  • Finding trusted resources including lenders, plumbers, electricians, pool maintenance, handyman, and others.
  • Best rated schools in the city/county for your young ones
  • Most fitting neighborhood/area for your lifestyle
  • Knowledge on main highways and commutes to work
  • Distance from desired restaurants, grocery stores, and schools
  • Assist you with sticking to budget


Here’s the “BUT”. Like many other professions, not all real estate agents and Realtors are the same. To find out how to find the best-fit Realtor for you jump on over to our blog.


Have more question for us? Don’t hesitate to give us a call/text at any time!

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